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Mortgage and Insurance Reports, Hampshire

Mortgage or Insurance companies often require an assessment of trees on a site, to consider present or future risk to a property they are providing a mortgage for, or insuring. Trees can cause direct or indirect damage to a property or structure and this may affect the security of their mortgage or insurance and so companies typically request some kind of arboricultural report on this perceived risk.

Tree reports for mortgage or insurance purposes are often referred to as mortgage reports or subsidence risk assessments.

Subsidence is a common concern for lenders where trees are concerned, often the very presence of a tree on site will trigger a request from a lender or insurer to acquire a tree report before they can proceed any further with an application or in some cases reinsure a property. The risk of vegetation related subsidence to structures of properties is a serious concern for lenders and insurers.


Tree mortgage and Insurance reports – Digital Green Solutions – What do we offer?

We provide reports and advice in response to requests and can help address the risk of trees to the property at hand. This includes the risk of tree failure, either in part or complete, as well as any tree related subsidence concerns.

We don’t hang around and normally produce the requested written report within 48hrs from the point of instruction. This report will cover everything the lender or insurer needs to know about any risk presented by the trees.


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