BS5837 Trees and Development

Planning Permission for Development in HampshirePlanning a development, communicating and submitting your proposal to the relevant planning authority can be complicated, trees are often an obstacle not adequately considered and can be a major obstacle when seeking planning permission from a planning authority.

We have the expertise and experience to help developers and homeowners formulate planning submissions that council officers will understand and have the maximum potential of achieving a successful planning application and conclusion.

We work with you every step of the way and start with a feasibility assessment, which in a nut shell is an assessment of what you want to do in relation to what trees are on site and restraints that are likely to affect your proposal. We understand what councils will require and what they will most likely consider. We understand the success of any planning application will depend on compiling the right information as quickly and professionally as possible. 

We provide a comprehensive service for individuals or businesses prepairing a planning submission to take account of trees growing on the site. We prepare detailed reports and plans that will become working documents before, during and after the development phase.

BS5847 Tree Survey HampshireIt is vitally important that tree protection is considered and documented guidance is produced as a means for all parties involved during the development process to refer to. Tree protection is critical if mature trees are to be successfully retained during and after the development phase. Tree retention after development will provide the occupants and local community with beautiful landscape features and environmental benefits for years to come.

The consultancy process is as follows:

  1. Feasibility Assessment (site meeting to discuss the feasibility taking trees into consideration)
  2. Tree survey to identify tree condition and grade trees on site 
  3. Arboricultural impact appraisal & constraints report
  4. Arboricultural method statement to support a planning application
  5. Site supervision to discharge a planning condition

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